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      Indirect Air Cooling System

      The indirect air cooling system with surface condenser is composed of surface condenser, air cooling radiator, circulating water pump, nitrogen charging protection system, circulating water supply water system, radiator cleaning system and air cooling tower.

      Indirect air cooling system of the technological process is: steam exhausted would be by circulating water into the water side of surface condenser through turbine exhaust steam of the heat steam condenser side, the circulating water after heating would be conveyed into the cooling tower by circulating water pump and complete heat transfer surface by cooling radiator and air, and then circulating water after cooling air would be returned to condenser to cool steam turbine exhausted, which mentioned constitutes the sealing circulation.

      Main advantages: low operation cost, high reliability; Low noise, lower ground pollution.

      Indirect air cooling system would be less sensitive or changes caused influence to the environmental meteorological conditions comparing with direct air cooling system, because the indirect air-cooled system generally adopts the natural ventilated cooling tower, and the meteorological factors such as the wind direction of environment along with wind speed would be also significant to the cooling tower and less than direct air cooling system apparently without thermal wind back flow.

      Product Applicaiton

      • Applied in Fengzhen Power Plant

      • Applied in Zhuozi Power Plant

      • Applied in Xining Power Plant

      • Applied in Junzheng Power Plant

      Typical Cases

      • The first domestication of 600MW Single Row Tube Power Plant Direct Air Cooled Condenser in China

      • The first domestication of 600MW Double Row Tube Power Plant Direct Air Cooled Condenser in China

      • The world’s highest elevation of Indirect Air Cooling System (The height of elevation is 2471m)

      • The first domestication of 300MW Power Plant Direct Air Cooled Condenser in China

      • The first maximum capacity of 1000 MW Power Plant Direct Air Cooled Condenser in the world

      • Large Power Plant Air Cooled Condenser Products joined into European Onion Market for the first time.

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