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      Hot Wind Circulation - Air Cooler

      ⑴Hot - Wind Inner Circulation - Air Cooler

      Common air cooler shall be equipped with plenum for the upper by adjusting fan for positive and negative rotation to achieve the structure type of hot wind recirculation of inner equipment.

      The area of cover is smaller and nearly the same as the volumn of common air cooler and arranged in parallel.

      It would be used in the case where the condensation or crystallization would be likely to happen by the refrigerated medium under the lowest design temperature, including the those in which the moisture content is more than 10% in the medium; the occasion in which the control requirements of medium terminal temperature (more than + / - 5 ℃) is less precise;special structure and investment shall not be increased by using fan reversal regulation; the air cooler that has no less than two of fans.

       ⑵Hot - Wind Outer Circulation - Air Cooler

      The air chamber would be equipped on the upper part of the general air cooler, and the ventilation channel would be added on the side or end face of the frame to recycle the hot air discharged from the pipe bundle through the channel.

      The control precision is high,which would play a good role in the stable operation of some devices that are likely to happen condensation or crystallization precipitation, and large medium viscosity and require to maintain the temperature in the pipe.

      It would be used in the occasion in which would be likely to happen condensation or crystallization precipitation by cold medium in the lowest design temperature,including those in which the moisture content is more than 50% in the medium;the occation in which control requirements of medium thermal temperature is higher (+ / - 3 ℃ or less);In addition to the use of self-regulating fan, automatic (or manual) shutters and external circulation duct would be required; Sometimes steam heating coils are required.

      Product Applicaiton

      • Applied in Daqing Petrochemical

      • Applied in Daqing Petrochemical

      • Applied in Daqing Petrochemical

      • Applied in Daqing Petrochemical

      • Applied in Daqing Petrochemical

      Typical Cases

      • The first domestic IncoIoy825 air cooler

      • CNPC’s first set of 10-million-ton grade refinery in South of China

      • The first domestic high pressure air cooler with surfacing with band-electrode

      • The first domestic high-pressure composite plate - 825 air cooler

      • The first domestic double plug high pressure air cooler (the largest domestic residual oil hydrogenation unit)

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