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      Dry-Humid Type Air Cooler air cooler

      It is the combination of dry and humid air cooler, the structure would be a variety of changes due to different methods for combination, the structure of a variety of changes. Generally, dry air cooling would be used in the high temperature area of process fluid, and the humid air cooling would be used in the low temperature of area.

      It can not only solve the condensation and cooling of high temperature at the inlet (dry type), but also meet the requirement of lower temperature at the outlet (humid type), which combines all the characteristics of the dry and humidt - type.

      It would be usually used in the case that humid air cooler would not be available by single itself due to the inlet temperature is too high .

      Product Applicaiton

      • Dry-Humid Type Air Cooler

      • Dry-Humid Type Air Cooler

      • Dry-Humid Type Air Cooler

      • Dry-Humid Type Air Cooler

      • Dry-Humid Type Air Cooler

      • Applied in Refinery

      • Applied in Hangzhou Refinery

      Typical Cases

      • The first domestic IncoIoy825 air cooler

      • CNPC’s first set of 10-million-ton grade refinery in South of China

      • The first domestic high pressure air cooler with surfacing with band-electrode

      • The first domestic high-pressure composite plate - 825 air cooler

      • The first domestic double plug high pressure air cooler (the largest domestic residual oil hydrogenation unit)

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