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      Humid -Type Air Cooler

      As a supplementary means of dry air cooling, external dry-type air cooler shall be equipped with spray facility to achieve the purpose of reducing the air side temperature so as to increase the temperature difference between the air inlet temperature and the outlet temperature of the hot fluid in the pipe to strengthen heat transfer.

      Medium temperature could be reduced to the value that is higher than atmospheric humid bulb temperature around 5 ℃ or so.

      It is generally used for the equipment with the lower inlet temperature of the medium  (basically below 70 ℃) as well as outlet temperature of the medium is close to the evironment dry bulb so as to increase the temperature difference between air inlet temperature and the outlet temperature of the hot fluid in the piping for strengthing heat transfer

      Product Applicaiton

      • Applied in Shanghai High Bridge Refinery

      • Applied in Shanghai High Bridge Refinery

      • Applied in Jinxi Petrochemical

      • Applied in Refinery

      Typical Cases

      • The first domestic IncoIoy825 air cooler

      • CNPC’s first set of 10-million-ton grade refinery in South of China

      • The first domestic high pressure air cooler with surfacing with band-electrode

      • The first domestic high-pressure composite plate - 825 air cooler

      • The first domestic double plug high pressure air cooler (the largest domestic residual oil hydrogenation unit)

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